Studying in Grenoble

Useful information's for foreign students

​'Development' in the margins: Field trip in 'Trièves' with the 2015/16 students

First course at the research center Pradel, September 2012

Field trip to Vallon Pont d'Arc, September 2012

 Field trip to 'Le Veil Audan', an alternative development project in Ardèche, September 2013 

Internships of students

  • UNESCO, Geneva, Switzerland : Poverty Alleviation and media platforms
  • GLOBAL PUBLIC POLICY INSTITUTE - GPPI, Berlin, Germany : Corporate Social Responsibility and ISO 26000
  • INNOVATIONS FOR POVERTY ACTION, Philippines: Behavioural Research on How Poor Save Money
  • AGENCE FRANCAISE DE DEVELOPPEMENT - AFD, Paris - Manila: Towards Sustainable and Inclusive Growth : Capitalisation of Knowledge on "Green Jobs"
  • CENTRE JACQUES BERQUE, Nouakchott, Mauretania: Land tenure system
  • UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA BERKELEY, Berkeley, USA: Innovative Mobility
  • JOSEPH FOURIER UNIVERSITY - UJF, Grenoble, France - Solar Energy as a Resource for Local Development
  • STERN - GESELLSCHAFT DER BEHUTSAMEN STADTERNEUERUNG, Berlin, Germany : Empowerment of immigrants through participatory local development
  • SNV (NGO), Lima, Peru: Cooperatives for Poverty Reduction
  • SAPPROS (NGO), Kathmandu, Nepal: Women and Social Innovation
  • APOYO URBANO (NGO), Chile: Participatory Territorial Urban Development
  • KOSHI VICTIMS SOCIETY (NGO), Rajbiraj, Nepal:  Disaster Risk Reduction
  • JOSEPH FOURIER UNIVERSITY -UJF, Accra, Ghana: Expertise on Climate Change
  • BAHAY TULUYAN (NGO), Manila, Philippines: Street Children and Human Rights
  • MODUS OPERANDI, Grenoble, France: Conflict Management

Former IDS student's comments on the IDS master's program  

"I am grateful I embarked a journey which proved to be thought-provoking. Since the start of this master’s programme, I’ve had many great moments of insight. It’s best described in terms of seeing an upside-down world map the first time, or realizing that the words of your favourite song you had entirely misunderstood for a long time, or perhaps seeing Acropolis in Athens and marveling at it. This, I’m thankful for. I feel that something’s changed in my way of thinking, and I sure hope these seeds will continue to grow.”  (Alva, IDS program 2013/14).
“Looking back on the last few months, I can definitely say that it was a positive and memorable experience. IDS provided me with lots of information and I gained a great amount of knowledge within the current development field. Furthermore, I really enjoyed the fieldtrips and practical projects since it gave me a constructive and helpful view of what is to come once I will hit the job market for real. I feel very strongly that IDS gave me a solid base for a great future in development with a main focus on local development projects, grassroots movements, participatory methods and capacity building.”
(Sanne, IDS program 2015/16)
“Thanks for a wonderful masters. I really feel that I've learnt quite a bit and that I will be able to impart it into the working world.”
“Thank you for this eye-opening program”
(Elisabeth, IDS program 2013/14)
“It was such an eye-opening experience which allowed me to learn more about myself and the world we live in. These are valuable experiences that not all studies can provide us with.” (Denisa, IDS program 2014/15)