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Institut de Géographie Alpine (IGA) - Alpine Geography Institute

The IGA is the Geography Department of Université Grenoble-Alpes, France

Grenoble, with a population of 680,000 in the city and wider metropolitan area, is France’s largest Alpine conurbation. A thriving university city with 56,000 students and one of France’s leading hi-tech research hubs, it’s also a popular tourist destination for mountain sports and leisure activities in both winter and summer.

The IGA by numbers

40 teachers and researchers
30 administrative and support staff
350+ undergraduate students
200 Master’s students
30 PhD students

Undergraduate studies

Students follow a three-year, six-semester programme leading to a degree called a Licence
In Years Two and Three, students specialize in either Regional Planning, Environmental Studies or Human Geography
All classes are taught in French
(except for the “English For Geographers” courses for non-native speakers)

Postgraduate studies

There are four two-year Master’s specializations
  • Regional Planning
  • Planning and Innovation
  • Environmental Analysis and Management
  • Building Project Management
All classes are taught in French
(except for the “Academic English For Geographers” courses for non-native speakers)
There is also a one-year advanced Master’s programme taught in English

International Exchange Programmes

The IGA has Erasmus+ partners in 16 countries
On average, the IGA sends or hosts over 40 international exchange students a year

Contact the IGA International Relations service


Liste des partenariats Erasmus+ de l'IGA (début 2016) :

—Allemagne (11) : Berlin (Humbolt), Bochum, Bonn, Dresde, Eichstätt/Ingolstadt, Giessen, Göttingen, Postdam, Francfort, Hanovre, Aix-La-Chapelle (Aachen) ;

—Autriche (1) : Innsbruck ;

—Belgique (2) : Bruxelles (ULB), Gand ;

Espagne (4) : Cordoue, Madrid (Complutense), Saragosse, Santander (Cantabrie) ;

—Irlande (1) : Dublin (UCD) ;

—Italie (1) : Turin ;

—Pays-Bas (2) : Amsterdam, Eindhoven ;

—Portugal (1) : Coimbra ;

—Roumanie (1) : Bucarest.

Royaume Uni (9) : Belfast (QUB), Bristol, Edimbourg, Glasgow, Hertfordshire, Leeds, Manchester, Norwich (East Anglia), Nottingham ;

—Suède (2) : Stockholm, Lund ;

—Suisse (3) : Lausanne, Genève, Zurich ;

Pour plus d’information, contacter Peter Fletcher (bureau 1313) ou Céline Lutoff (bureau 1403) ou Nadia Lachkar (scolarité).

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